Perseids 2021

By Andee Sherwood posted 07-22-2021 16:55


Perseids 2021 poem Andee

Perseids 2021

On warm summer nights
when lightening bugs glow,
Perseids flames the sky
in a most spectacular show.

Meteors streaking
across the dark cap of night
Like brilliant crystal shards,
afire in burning light.

August 11th through 13th, 
late evening to dawn,
enjoy this heavenly array
from your backyard or lawn.

Andee Sherwood
July, 2021

Use the following links to learn more about meteor showers for 2021: 
EarthSky’s 2021 Meteor Shower Guide

American Meteor Society 

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07-23-2021 06:16

Marvelous imagery in the second stanza… ‘cap of night’ sent my fancies flowing… a lovely poem…