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  • Lunar Eclipse Livestream Library Goes Live

    On November 19 the moon will undergo a deep partial lunar eclipse and AWB is excited to offer a comprehensive library of major livestreams from around the world showcasing the moon blushing red in this longest partial eclipse in five centuries!

    So whether you are on the wrong side of the Earth or just clouded out, we invite you to browse through our collection of eclipse livefeeds from Australia, Japan, Hawaii, USA and Canada amongst other locales.
  • Women With Impact in Celebration of InOMN!

    We are celebrating the moon along with the rest of the world today on International Observe the Moon Night.

    In honour of women and the moon, we have republished Bettina Forget's blog post of her Women of Impact series. This stunning visual is a collection of sketches of moon craters named for women. Peruse her artwork, get inspired and go out and look for the craters yourself tonight. If you're clouded out, enjoy this special tour of these craters with Bettina and Virtual Telescope's Gianluca Masi and learn more about these amazing women.
  • Snap and Share Venus Pairing with the Moon at Sunset

    On Saturday, October 9th just after sunset the planet Venus will be in conjunction with the crescent moon. The cosmic pair will be a wonderful opportunity to share the wonders of the night sky with friends, family and the public. Also it will be a great time to take a photograph using your smartphone! Share your snapshot of this celestial event with AWB by using the social hashtag #onepeopleonesky 

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  • Posted in: AWBGeneral

    Hi fellow AWBers! Just wanted to share my experience from late last night (Nov.3/4) with my attempt to catch some Northern ...

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  • Posted in: AWBGeneral

    Español primero, Inglés después / Spanish first, English later: Meztli es el nombre que recibe la Luna en la lengua náhuatl ...

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  • Posted in: AWBGeneral

    Some of the photos during the activity of the International Moon Observation Night 2021. We did a virtual-face-to-face ...

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  • Posted in: AWBGeneral

    About a month ago, I started organizing the International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN) , scheduled for October 16, 2021. ...

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  • Posted in: AWBGeneral

    The European Researchers' Night is a scientific dissemination project promoted by the European Commission within the Marie ...

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