Observing Events

Every year Astronomers Without Borders, our National Coordinators and members choose between five to ten Observing Events that can usually be seen throughout the world.

These events are chosen because they can be seen globally and viewed without the aid of any equipment.

These include meteor showers, conjunctions, super moons,  etc. This is also an optimal time when we can bring in a partner so that their audience can enjoy the sight.

Astronomers Without Borders is also involved with promoting and taking part in other organizations' programs. International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN) run by NASA, is a perfect example of combining audience with the purpose of sharing the night sky and creating community.

Community participation is requested by sharing experiences in writing along with a photo. 

For our historical listing of our observing programs, click here.
Clube de Astronomia Plêiades do Sul

Beauty Without Borders Program

  • The morning of April 22nd, I was able to look at the 2021 Lyrid shower. For a total duration of a little bit more than one hour, just between Moon set and the Sun rise The Lyrid little fireball (-4) ...

  • Beauty Without Borders -- Global Balcony Photography of the Moon and Venus Venus shines very bright like a pearl in the early evening sky this month. However, in an eye-catching encounter, the ...

Perseid Meteor