2023 Solstice Photo Campaign

Take a photo of the sunrise or sunset the week of the June Solstice

Sunrises and sunsets are not only beautiful and peaceful but also inspiring to all humans. This is especially true during the solstice, the time in the calendar when we change seasons. These special moments,  when magical colours fill the skies while the Sun casts its golden hues across the earthly landscape, humbles us.  It has the power to unite, by reminding us that we are One People under One Sky. 

Astronomers Without Borders is asking you to join us in celebrating the June Solstice and capture that feeling of oneness with nature by taking a photo of your sunrise or sunset and sharing it with the world.

Use your smartphone or digital camera to take your own artistic portrait of the sunrise or sunset anytime between June 16 and June 23.

The campaign is open worldwide.

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Take your photo, choose your best sunrise/sunset photo, and upload via our online submission form.

Then watch for your photo to be added to our special AWB Photo Instagram channel for anyone to browse and share.


Take your photo on your smartphone or digital camera and upload it to your own Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account and use the hashtag  #OneSolsticeOneSky


Log-on to this Solstice Photo Campaign webpage and fill out the submission form and upload your photos.


Email us your photos at photos@astronomerswithoutborders.org

Quick Tips for Photographing Sunsets and Sunrises

1. Scout out ahead of time the ideal picturesque location to take your photo and identify where the sun will appear to rise or set from your spot

2. Identify the exact time of the sunset or sunrise from your location (use timeanddate.com) 

3. Watch the weather! Remember that some of the most beautiful photos will come when it's actually not a totally       clear sky, but there are some clouds to add depth to your composition. 

4. Be patient and take plenty of photos

5.. Adjust your brightness to make the foreground dark, and if shooting away from the light, make the image brighter.

6. iPhone owners should try using HDR setting to improve exposure of your photo

7.. Use panorama mode to capture contrast and depth

8. Consider adding a subject to the photo like a buildings, trees, animals, people as clearly outlined 

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Customized to your town or city,  timeanddate is a wonderful resource that can help you get the most out of timing your solstice photoshoot 
Check out the Sunrise and Sunset Calculator for your city

Get More Tips from our Smartphone Astrophotography Workshops