Solar Glasses Distribution

Solar Eclipse Argentina December 2020

From One Solar Eclipse to Another - AWB is THERE.

Sending Solar Glasses to Build Community

Astronomers Without Borders has been sending solar glasses for annular and total solar eclipse since 2008. From Africa, Asia, North and South America, our members, partners and National Coordinators helped to bring glasses people who may not otherwise have a safe way to view the eclipse directly. Travelers from the United States would bring them in their luggage and hand them out to local villagers. 

Recycling Donated Glasses

Building a community beyond time and place - glasses that once sat on the faces of Americans for the 2017 Great American Eclipse built bridges to individuals all over the world!

Millions of donated glasses turned into a few hundred thousand that were vetted for reusability.

Tens of thousands were then sent to South America, Asia, Africa and South America again. Three years after the Great American Total Solar Eclipse, we have almost dispensed all the glasses that were entrusted to us from generous Americans who sent them to us at their own expense. 

Keep reading to find out more about our glasses recycling program. Unfortunately, due to the cost of storage, shipping, vetting and overhead costs this program incurred, it will be difficult to recreate in the future. AWB is committed to send new glasses out to those who need however, recycling has been too expensive for our organization to maintain.

Glasses Sent Across the Globe

Eclipse in Nigeria

Eclipse in Argentina 2019