World Space Week

You don’t have to wait until April’s Global Astronomy Month to party with the universe! The UN-declared World Space Week (WSW) occurs annually between October 4-10, and is celebrated worldwide by the space industry, schools, museums, planetaria, and astronomy clubs too.  In fact, thousands of space-related activities in dozens of nations will highlight the contribution of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition.

This year,  we celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of women in the space sector and sciences, giving the next generation the opportunity to be introduced to female role models from all over the world under the WSW 2021 Theme “Women in Space."  Last year, World Space Week was celebrated with over 6,500 predominantly virtual events held in over 90 nations.

Astronomers Without Borders is very excited to partner with WSW, encouraging our members to hold entertaining and educational events and share their experiences with our global community.

There are 1078 registered events and counting on the world map and it couldn’t be easier to join the fun: Register on the WSW website so that your local event is added to the global map on the WSW website. Once your event is finished, we invite you to share your memories and experiences by sharing your Member Report with us.

Sharing your photos, videos, and stories of the highlights from your event through our Member Reports and our social channels,  like Twitter and Facebook, is a big part of the foundation of our work connecting local to global, and YOUR involvement directly increases the power of our shared connections.

We look forward to seeing how you celebrate World Space Week!