Astro Arts

The AstroArts program is an archival project that collects astronomy-themed poetry, crafts and art from artists around the world. Early on in Astronomers Without Borders' history, it became apparent that art is a part of science in astronomy. Before we learn what stars are and why they're arranged the way they are in the sky, we are taken by the remarkable beauty that they bring.

Throughout man's history, the night sky has inspired works of Visual, Auditory and Crafted arts. At AWB, all of these arts are reflected in our large archive of different expressions of how the night sky artistically inspires!

Astronomers Without Borders is known for our large online archive of AstroPoetry and has gained a reputation for being a place to enjoy the night sky, not only through a telescope, but through an artistic eye. It has also been the inspiration for annual contests for children around the world,  to motivate them to view and expand their knowledge of the sky..

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Newest Astro Poetry

Astro Poetry

AndreiDGheorgheGAM445B 800

Except from: For Global Astronomy Month 2020 (445): Celebrating 25 Years of SARM Cosmopoetry (106) by Valentin Grigore
A “star” still important in the sky,

above the forest touched by autumn…

The largest online astronomy poetry collection can be found here. These works were carefully crafted and curated since 2010 with over 200 entries over the years. Significant artists are featured here from around the world, namely Romania, Spain, Canada, Poland and the United States.

During Global Astronomy Month, held every year in April, Astronomers Without Borders holds an international competition that encourages writers of all ages to submit their works and celebrate the night sky.

Our AstroPoetry blog has been in existence since 2010 and founded by Bob Eklund. Browse this wonderful resource at our AstroPoetry archive.

Astro Arts (Visual)

Our arts archive shows the works of painters, mixed-media, performance and music artists and their story.. In their own words, they describe how astronomy has impacted their work. Whether it is a stand-alone project or one that spans a lifetime, the art presented here is timeless.

Visit our AstroArts archive to see an amazing collection of unique art.

Luca Serasini - Arial Photo of The Big Dipper Project
The collection of crafts presented here by Kathleen Horner consist of projects created for all ages and do not necessarily require any talent. They were created to produce a work that can be accomplished at home with household items. Scientific concepts are explained depending on the subject matter.

Visit our archive of all crafts that you can perform yourself and explore the universe through art.

Astro Crafts

Imagining Black Holes - by Kathleen Horner