Peace Deployed - In Honor of Bob Eklund

By Andee Sherwood posted 09-10-2021 14:54

Bob Eklund will always be remembered as a beloved mentor and friend to all of the poets found in our AstroPoetry blog. He was always available to help a poet with their work and provided kind and heartfelt feedback for all.  As an Amateur Astronomer, Bob motivated others to become more involved in the science of astronomy and to look up more often,  to observe the glorious beauty of the night sky. 

The following poem is one which Bob enjoyed and I am reposting it in his honor. . 

Peace Deployed 

No one noticed the sunset tonight
As the final flame disappeared in the sea.
No one paid attention to the beauty outside.
All eyes glued to computers and TV.

No one glanced up at the sky so dark,
unconcerned with reason or fate.
They shut their doors, turned on their lights,
untouched by the sky's blackest slate.

As stars appear in the sky above
Streetlights turn on, artificial light sown.
No one noticed the world beyond their walls
and how little the stars now shone.

No one took time to wander outside
to observe what the night creates
Tucked in bed, lost in a dream,
missing moonlight dance across lakes

Wars break out, the times do change,
always creating international rifts.
If only we all took the time each night
to look up at our precious gifts.

We share one sky, it belongs to all.
It is ours to explore and enjoy.
Turn off the TV and go outside
Perhaps world peace could deploy?

Andee Sherwood
AstroPoetry Blog Editor