Milky Way Haiku (5)

By Andee Sherwood posted 08-25-2023 18:31


Milky Way Haiku (5)

by Andee Sherwood


The following haikus  were composed during the Milky Way Star Festival celebration. 



View the Milky Way

A vail of cloudy stardust

Our true home in Space.


Millions of stars glow

far beyond the Milky Way.

Can you count them all?


A thing of wonder,

fairy lights beam back to Earth.

Milky Way magic...


Fly millions of miles

To the heart of the Milky Way

to rest amongst the stars.


Dreaming of starlight

a trip through the Milky Way

good sleep, sweet dreams. 



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09-04-2023 14:06

A balmy poem encouraging to travels to stars even only in minds. Both here and there, into and beyond the Milky Way.