Eclipse Story: Michelle Sweeney

By Andee Sherwood posted 10-16-2023 14:11

Eclipse Story: Michelle Sweeney
Sipping breakfast tea on the waterfront
Acrid scent of a hand rolled cigarette
Wafts over my head
And the hulls of the handful of boats
Barely afloat
The hollow clunk of oars
In their ——-
A beginner boat of 4
Whisper of cars on the highway
Flap of pigeon wings alighting from the riggings
The air is still
While the high clouds are moving in a front
Making the water surface shades of grey into white
A break in the grey
And the white of the sun appears in a slice
A sliver-moon of sun like
The pulse of the baitfish just under the silver water surface beats gently at the intersection of those two worlds
Like my heart against the surface of my chest
With the kittiwake
Picking among the rocks of experience at the shoreline
Acknowledging the evidence
That we
All of this as we know it
Is a mist
Passing across a blink of the sun.