Cosmic Multicultural Bucharest in the Pandemic (245) By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe posted 05-26-2022 03:36

Cosmic Multicultural Bucharest in the Pandemic (245):
GAM 2022 - Astropoetry Tour with Zigmund Tauberg
By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (text and photos), Zigmund Tauberg (astropoem) and Florin Alexandru Stancu (design)

On April 18, 2022
former national astropoetry laureate Zigmund Tauberg (teacher of mathematics, age 95) sent me an astropoem for Bucharest Astropoetry Tour.
But on April 20, 2022
he was hospitalized to receive infusions against an anaemia.
To make a photo-scenario to his astropoem, I walked to his house on April 20, 2022…
and on the way I met the goddess of astronomy, Urania, waiting for a bus…
and I admired flowers of lilac and magnolia. 

Close to his house
I saw a solar halo
and I understood that the Universe
is on his side. 

And indeed, one day later, teacher Zigmund Tauberg called me from the hospital, saying that he feels great and wants us to talk about astropoetry.

About his astropoem with rhythm and rhyme, I did everything I could for a honorable translation, but my English version is not as beautiful as Tauberg’s Romanian original.

Anyway, at least I accompanied his astropoem with two pictures from April 2022 with different faces of the Moon, which frame the house where teacher Tauberg wrote so many wonderful poems.

Astropoem by Zigmund Tauberg
Photo-scenario by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

You daughter who accompanies Mother Terra,
Bathed in bright sunlight,
You envelop the night sky in splendor
When the atmosphere is clear.

You are new, full or in phases called quarters,
But you show us the same face:
You do not keep eternal life,
You have no air, only amorphous rocks.

When humanity will be ready
To create events in the Cosmos,
There will be permanent resorts
On your surface…

And you will cosmically roll
Having your own soul!