Cosmopoetry Superlatives 2022 (3) By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe posted 11-30-2022 04:25

Cosmopoetry Superlatives 2022 (3):
AstroArts - High School Students
By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

25 years ago, SARM organized in Targoviste the first International Showroom of Astronomical Arts, Photographs and Publications at the annual Perseid event.

20 years ago, Calin Niculae published the first album of astro-photo-art-poetry, Echoes of Light:
.Echoes Of Light
He was followed by Dan Mitrut (former vice-president of SARM) with The Dragon Astrotrilogy:
The Dragon Astrotrilogy  

and Cristina Tinta Vass (aka Tina Visarian, former secretary general of SARM) with Death of Meteors: Death Of Meteors  

Now SARM has chosen the best Romanian astro-artists who are high students and participated in its camps in 2022.
Here they are!

-Astro-rock Music

Stefan Niciev from Bucharest stood out especially with his song Astronomical Love,
which can also be found on YouTube.
I have selected some verses (composed by him) from this song: 

“I see you every night in the sky.
I see your sparkling eyes, even if I don’t try,
Astronomical love…”

-Astro-graphic Art

Ioana Ilie from Targoviste impressed with her drawings representing the Moon, Saturn and the Moon between the stars. 

-Astro-folk Music

Alex Precup from Toplita appeared as a very talented singer of astro-folk music.
I have selected (and translated) some verses composed by him about the partial solar eclipse of October 25, 2022:

“Oh Sun, when I saw you
I just kept silent (believe me!)
And when you took the Moon’s mask…
God, I was so happy!”