By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe posted 03-20-2024 14:12



By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe



During each total solar eclipse 

I can tell you:

if you really want to be alive

on this surprising Earth… 

then never forget home

your celestial passport! 

(Andrei Dorian Gheorghe) 


In March 2006, the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (SARM) organized a national Romanian expedition with special guests from the Netherlands and Germany to observe a total solar eclipse in Turkey, in which the participants passed through Istanbul. Ankara, Cappadocia, the Taurus Mountains and stopped to watch the spectacular phenomenon on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, near some ancient ruins. 

Then I coordinated a special international web project of astro-photo-art-poetry (cosmopoetry), from which I selected the following collage of texts (composed by participants in the expedition and by authors who saw the eclipse online or only its partiality from other European countries): 


Marine breeze;

petals of eclipse

among the palm trees

(Iulian Olaru, Romania) 


crown of hidden light

mysterious celestial way

grandiose apogee

(Cristina Slovineanu, Romania) 


As we never found a meteor

during a total solar eclipse,

we could consider the eclipsed Sun

as the greatest black fireball

of all times.

(Andrei Dorian Gheorghe, Romania) 


The light of the eclipse.

So unbelievably colorful.

The moon couldn't resist it and winked to me. 

(Jos Nijland, the Netherlands) 


Every moment we make choices.

I chose the cherry on the cake: the eclipse!!!

With its incredible colours.

With its mysterious darkness.

(Alexandrina Zuza, Romania) 


Pots, pans bang loudly

Even the sheep look skyward

Please come back oh Sun! ... 

What an awesome sight

My brain cannot grasp the why

Real darkness at noon.

(Arlene Carol, USA/Turkey) 


Thank you, total solar eclipse,

you were the ethereal coin

through which we bought

terrestrial happiness.

(Andrei Dorian Gheorghe, Romania) 


Celestial Festivity: 

Master of Light crowned by Queen of Night

at noon.


only the close planets

and a few important stars.

Silent witnesses:

earthlings who have the right

to taste four minutes of immortality. 

(Valentin Grigore, Romania) 


beasts in alert

the sun - a black hole

evening at noon

(Ion Moraru, Romania) 


The eclipse’s spirit comes to you like a net,

all is mute around you,

and the darkness seems to be at home,

and the time is like turned to stone.

(Silviu Georgescu, Romania) 


night in the full day

hot Moon caresses

Sun’s neck

(Dominic Diamant, Romania) 


When the Sun plays with the Moon

in the canopy of heaven

I wonder if the light star is replaced, through witchcraft,

by another one, smaller, colder and paler. 

(Victor Chifelea, Romania) 



in the afternoon dawn

frogs croak

(Gerald England, UK) 


naïve, we amazingly watch

shadow receiving light -

engagement ring

(Aivil, Romania) 


When a child draws an eclipse

no cloud can darken the paper.

Good news:

today the Universe exists in a box of crayons.

(Dan Mitrut, Romania) 


.Tongues of blazes

Thoughts flooding the sky

Soul crowned by the eclipse

(Irina Cristescu, Romania) 


It is so fine when

people from all over the world

are united by the same heavenly show!


Selene and Helios.


Urania and the Creator.

(Valentin Grigore & Andrei Dorian Gheorghe) 


You can watch the entire international super-project (with spectacular photos) here: