Star Party 2021 - Cyberspace, Sri Lanka

By B.G. Eranga Thilina Jayashantha posted 08-29-2021 08:22

Star party
Star Party 2021 - Cyberspace, Sri Lanka. 
The Largest Astronomy Observation Competition in South Asia

 Party, Sri Lanka is the Largest High-School level Astronomical event in Sri Lanka and it is organized annually by Anandian Astronomical Association and Astronomical Society of Mahamaya Girls' College, Kandy which are the pioneering schools of Sri Lankan high-school based Astronomy.

In every year, the event held in a specific day at Peradeniya University premises for  15 hours overnight.  Star party, Sri Lanka the event has a legendary history of 17 years which has been associated with its quality and the scope. The event consists of the first-ever Astronomical Observation Competition in South Asian region, A workshop and An Astrophotography competition. Each year more than 600 high-school students, more than 60 high-school teachers and more than 250 observers participate for the programme. In 2009 It was reported as the main International Year of Astronomy (IYA) event from Sri Lanka. In 2019 It was endorsed as a Global Astronomy Month event by AWB, From the year 2012 to 2019 it was endorsed by Space Generation Advisory Council (UN) as well. 

In this year (2021), It celebrates its 17th year of excellence and will be held in13th of August, 2021 via the virtual platform as an online event with the participation of more than 800 participants. All the academic activities are done by the Academic Committee of Star party 2021. This great event comprises 4 sections; Virtual observation Competition, Workshop ,  Astrophotography Competition and individual web quiz. The main event is the virtual observation and 40 teams from both local and international high schools have been selected from the 1st round and they will compete in the final virtual sessions on 4th of September 2021 from 1030 h (UT) until next day morning. The winners of the competition will be awarded with Star Party Trophy and crowned as "The Best Observational Astronomy Team in Sri Lanka" while certificates are presented to all participants.

Workshop will be held from 29th September 2021 to the final day of the event and different topics related to Astronomy will be discussed there. in the final day (4th of September 2021)  there will be a panel discussion with a keynote speaker. 

You can visit the event website and get involved in this great event.