International observe the moon night 2021 Argentina

By Claudio Martinez posted 10-17-2021 10:50


Some of the photos during the activity of the International Moon Observation Night 2021.

We did a virtual-face-to-face activity. Many people participated both in the organization and ordinary people, who came to enjoy the Moon and its observation. I do not name anyone in particular so as not to forget anyone!

Astroamigos Colon - Entre Ríos, who worked with a group of children (face-to-face).

Astroamigos Concepción - Entre Ríos, with a giant screen where the virtual part (face-to-face / virtual) was broadcast.

Tecnoteca de Villa María - Córdoba, With the projection of the virtual transmission on the city's Totem (face-to-face / virtual).

Astroamigos Argentina - Buenos Aires (Virtual).

Instituto Copérnico -Mendoza- (Virtual).

Latin American Institute of Astrotourism -Buenos Aires (Virtual).

Orión Astronomy (face-to-face / virtual) - Chaco.

We mainly observe the Moon, but we have also taken a look at Jupiter, Saturn, and the conjunction of Venus and Antares.

Hundreds of people visited us in person, and several thousand virtually.

All images in Facebook.

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