Beauty without borders in the Hill of Beyond

By Clayton Gubio posted 15 days ago

Gunstar's astrophotography draws the attention of the media in Goiania, a hot style using various Sony Cameras techniques was widely praised by one of the most famous news presenters from the State of Goias Oloares Ferreira on his Instagram who took the opportunity to talk about the Gunstar team institute and its dynamic trajectory before of the pandemic with the mark of 25 thousand people assisted in its actions during the 50 years of the apollo missions and 10th Edition of the global month of Astronomy.

"These photos seem to want to tell us something."
'' Color show in the sky of Morro do Além. ''
'' Incredible photos and color editing ''.

Originals Post : ( Oloares Ferreira)
Seventh Force Produtora : 
Sky Dream City Video Clipe :

Astrophotography brings people closer to the astronomical beauty hidden in every aspect of daily life, elevating people spiritually as if it were a kind of affection  in these difficult times and that we cannot embrace each other and kiss, the strong colors of this sky, but it can soothe people's hearts.
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Clayton Gubio Gunstar Team Corporation



6 days ago

Everything that is golden is better kkk.

7 days ago

I love the "golden hour" for photography.