Road to the Southern Cross - Discover the Night 2021

By Clayton Rubio posted 04-12-2021 23:02


Taking advantage of the week of dark skies, the Gunstar Team with a small team of adventurous Astro and Photography recorded the advance of light pollution on the observation sites in Aragoiania city 30km from Goiania, in just 1 year the light pollution has advanced 20 km within these sites.

Towards the South in search of the charming southern cruise and its jewels, Eta Carinae, southern Pleiades, Caixinha de Joias, and several clusters and nebulae.

United by Adventure, the Gunstar team recorded for 2 days in addition to bringing spectacular images to enthusiastic fans and fans and followers of Astro Aventura and Aventura Cultural across the country and beyond.

Road to the Southern Cross - Dark Sky Week 2021 Trailer 




04-13-2021 03:45

Great to see your efforts to record the advancing light pollution. It's really important to call attention about this problem. On the other hand it's great to see, that you have still places dark enough to show the Milky Way. Here in Austria we had the great pleasure to get our first Dark Sky Park warded by IDA during the int. Dark Sky Week. Have a look to my short report - even AWB's Facebook Live pointed out this :-)