Gunstar team GAM2023 Kickstarts in Goyaz

By Clayton Rubio posted 03-01-2023 06:50


With the first day of March, the institute begins its official activities, the main one being the organization of the Global Month of Astronomy.

As the institute has no fixed income, more time is needed to organize low-cost, high-efficiency actions.

Since 2013, following the legacy of our dear founder Mike Simmons and the sacred International Year of Astronomy, we have the best prospects for this year, finally free of the pandemic. to hug people and declare hope of making the biggest edition of all in Goias.

We already have dozens of enthusiastic volunteers on our side, cultural organizations that donate their spaces with the Oscar Niemeyer cultural center and the human rights monument, adventure and exploration actions to the exotic interiors of the center west of Brazil and of course we could not miss actions at Disney of the mindwest the beautiful and natural heritage of humanity the super sacred chapada dos veadeiros, in addition to the traditional meetings at the most traditional point of resistance Astronomy in the State of Goiás the main stronghold of observers the Hill of Beyond, meteor shower Eta quarideas, AstroCines, and the highlight of the Global Star Party Star Shine for Everyone Meeting 2023, which also celebrates 10 years of the institute's participation in this global alliance making a better world through the power of knowledge.

In 2023 we at the institute chose the Annual theme ''Neo Genesis'' bringing a new era for the dissemination of cultural astronomy and the meeting of enthusiasts with the continuity of free dissemination programs, with Astro tourism expeditions, programs for the traditional family and modern and of course pet-friendly, for all ages.