Perseid Meteor Shower Event in Belvoir Fortress, Israel

By Eden Orion posted 08-19-2021 15:37


Hello to all of you.

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to conduct an Astro Event for all ages in Belvoir Fortress, Jordan Valley, Israel.

The place is quite dark and it was arranged by the National Parks Authority to more than 2000 visitors at a time.

more than 1500 people attended and came.

Since it is COVID 19 time, We did not want the visitors to look directly through the eyepieces and instead I connected a camera to the scope and via the computer we were able to project the images in LIVE to a big screen.

Along the projections we gave some talks about the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter and about Meteor showers in general.

At 23:00 we turned off all lights and the Real show of Meteors begun!

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08-21-2021 13:15

Whaw, a great organisation ! Bravo