Celestial Cinnamon Bun

By Harley White posted 04-06-2021 08:09


 Hubble Captures Cosmic Cinnamon Bun

Celestial Cinnamon Bun

A cinnamon bun was spied in the sky
or so the comparison might apply
to galaxy in Andromeda found
which caught Hubble’s roving telescope eye

and may bring to mind the bun sweetly wound
of sugar and spice in buttery mound
for holiday breakfast or brunch prepared
with dough that is rolled into spiral round.

Could there be aromas astrally aired
from cosmic kitchen by fancy ensnared
that pungently waft through the atmosphere
as some delectable writings declared?

Albeit the metaphor might appear
to certain stargazers slightly unclear,
for others this spiral galaxy faint
more rounded than how most ‘spirals’ cohere

imagination with lack of constraint
could cause to resemble a portrait quaint
of popular homemade cinnamon treat,
when frosted with ample poetic paint.

The system unstructured at central seat,
atypical for galaxy discrete,
known as UGC one two five eight eight,
is part of the huge Local Group elite

which houses the great Milky Way estate
where humans create their temporal fate
and lies thirty-one million light-years far
from solar planet of plenty innate.

Though having no mid sidereal bar
nor classic spiraling arms that are par
for these mega groupings, still one can view
through image of Hubble many a star

in borders of bevy of baby blue.
The stellary orbs showing bluer hue
at edges of circular object white
betoken a sprinkling of star births new.

Yet while we enjoy this celestial sight
of ‘cinnamon bun’ at galactic height
to whet our stelliferous appetite
it’s calling us home to earthly delight.

~ Harley White

* * * * * * * * *

Image and info ~ Hubble Captures Cosmic Cinnamon Bun…

Image explanation ~ Observed with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, the faint galaxy featured in this image is known as UGC 12588. Unlike many spiral galaxies, it displays neither a bar of stars across its center nor the prominent spiral arm pattern. Instead, its circular, white and mostly unstructured center makes this galaxy more reminiscent of a cinnamon bun than a megastructure of stars and gas in space. Lying in the constellation of Andromeda in the Northern Hemisphere, the huge arms of stars and gas in UGC 12588 are very faint, undistinguished, and tightly wound around its center. The clearest view of the spiral arms comes from the bluer stars sprinkled around the edges of the galaxy that highlight the regions where new star formation is most likely taking place.

Image credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, R. Tully; Acknowledgment: Gagandeep Anand