Not Always

By Harley White posted 05-16-2023 10:00


Image Credit: NASA/ESA

Not Always

When galaxies pass others by

and make a ‘taffy-pulling’ change

they call them ‘tugs of war’, but why,

for might these be a rearrange

of non-anthropomorphic scheme?

Not always are things what they seem.

A photo snapped by Hubble scope

of galaxy termed NGC

seven seven one four flings rope

as though a passageway to flee

that’s faintly visible in stream,

if looks were strictly what they seem.

At right, unseen, outside of frame,

another galaxy, it’s said,

with one ascending number name

of that portrayed in stellar spread

is playing part within the team.

Things are not always what they seem.

Then there’s that so-called starry loop

that splashes out from central core.

Are those misfits who’ve flown the coop

in search of special evermore

within their own quixotic theme?

Or are things only what they seem?

Incredible how much we know,

I use ‘we’ rhetorically,

or what our mathematics show,

on that stargazers can agree.

Still of ourselves we’ve scarce a gleam

if things be more than what they seem.

Likewise are black holes truly holes?

Could they be leading to a place

where we’d have unimagined roles

within the cosmos’ vast embrace?

Is there enlightened space supreme

ineffable as this may seem?

We’re here beneath our lantern’s glow,

caught up in poses and pretense,

awhirl on dot of indigo

amidst a universe immense

while graced with Goldilocks’s beam.

Are not things more than what they seem?

Astronomy can take us far

beyond the reaches of our ken,

to catch a glimpse of distant star

with unsuspected where and when.

Could earthly life be but a dream?

Not always are things what they seem.

~ Harley White

* * * * * * * * *

Some inspiration derived from the following…

Hubble Spies a Loopy Galaxy…

Explanation: In October of 2011, Hubble snapped a photo of NGC 7714, a galaxy that had just been through a close call with its companion galaxy, NGC 7715… In this photo, the companion galaxy, NGC 7715 is just out of frame to the right, but clearly visible is a vibrant bridge of stars that extend out from NGC 7714, and onto its companion… The golden loop is made of sun-like stars that have been pulled deep into space, far from the galaxy’s center. The galaxy is located approximately 100 million light-years from Earth in the direction of the constellation Pisces… The companion galaxy doing the “taffy pulling” in this case, NGC 7715, lies just out of the field of view in this image. A very faint bridge of stars extends to the unseen companion. The close encounter has compressed interstellar gas to trigger bursts of star formation seen in bright blue arcs extending around NGC 7714’s center…

Image Credit: NASA/ESA