Big fireball over our observatory - Thursday, November 19, 2020

By Johannes Stübler posted 11-20-2020 04:26


 Our all-sky-cam caught a big fireball.

You can see a video here:

At IMO you can find this event here:



01-18-2022 07:16

Joe, what was the final of your investigation to find the possible meteorite fall?
I saw the video. It was not a Leonid fireball! Most probable it was a sporadic. This is good for a possible meteorite fall. Because Leonid meteoroids, belonging to a comet, have no chance of surviving the passage of the atmosphere.

11-26-2020 11:46

No Michel, we sent this picture only to IMO because we are interested in finding the possible meteorit :-) ... but thanks for your hint we will think about this additional option in the future.

11-26-2020 10:35

A very brillant one !
Did you "declare" this to the AMS data base?
You are probably not alone.

11-20-2020 10:53

Thanks, I am sure it was part of the Leonides. Hopefully we have enough images to calculate, where the possible meteorite crashed to earth :-)

11-20-2020 09:02

SO COOL! Great to see that fireball streaking across the sky - fast too! Was this part of the Leonids? Thanks for sharing!