12 years GAM - some old AWB content is online again!

By Johannes Stübler posted 04-08-2021 04:42


I am happy to announce that parts of AWB's old website content are online again. An important step - especially in our 12th GAM anniversary - 12 month GAM - a full year celebrating astronomy around the globe!  So you are able to read reports from the last 12 years on our archive-website.

For example some old special-pages concerning GAM:

The first GAM - 2010 Introduction by Mike Simmons (founder and long time president of AWB)
Living the idea - ONE PEOPLE, ONE SKY
Fighting Against Growing Borders! Why GAM Is More Important Than Ever!
10 years of GAM - a story of success?!

Following some remarks to the functionality of the archive-website:

Search functions are very restricted, mainly you only can browse and scroll, sometimes you have to use the corresponding page number (or previous & next).

If you have linked old AWB-pages you have only to replace "www" by "archive"  - this mostly works fine - have a look at following example:

So if you and your partners change their links on their websites in the same way, the Http404-errors will more and more fade.
There are still links on our archive-website where you have todo the same - not all links have been changed.

The AWB-archive is read only. At time you cannot make changes, if there are old logos, adresses, pictures or outdated links or picture links. This concerns the whole archive-content, members and affiliates as well.

However, join GAM2021, enjoy GAM2021 and spread our slogan