Meeting global astronomy friends in Brazil - 13th IMAA

By Johannes Stübler posted 04-21-2021 13:02


Again during Global Astronomy Month Marcelo de Oliveria Souza, National Coordinator of AWB in Brazil, invited to the 13th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics. Of course in times of pandemic it was an online-event. Above picture shows the prominent speakers around the globe.
I registrated and joined this event in very good memory on my stay in Brazil in 2012. I had the great pleasure to be a speaker at the 5th. IMAA. HERE you can read my old AWB-report.

Marcelo is the AWB -National Coordinator for Brazil. This year we had the possibility to interact only by chat .... but the pleasure was big to meet people at least virtually.

So I joined several interesting talks during this event and especially talks of people I know. Following some selected contributions. One big pleasure was to meet Mike Simmons - past President of the Los Angeles Astronomical Society, founder and past president of Astronomers Without Borders. He is still very active and has many new ideas and projects.

His love for astronomy, his belief in our wonderful planet, our one and only spaceship, and it's crew - is unbroken!

The next image shows "Mr. IYA 2009" - Pedro Russo the coordinator of the International Year of Astronomy. I met Pedro in real life together with Mike Simmons and Babak Tafreshi in Warsaw at CAP-Conference. There he visited my postersession "LIVING THE IDEA"

Another veteran of global astronomy-action I met at IMAA, was Julio Vannini - the NC from Nicaragua. He was already extremly active during the IYA2009 (International Year of Astronomy)...

He is very active sharing and using astronomical datas, working with students, and involved in many projects beginning from asteroidsearch to variable stars and exoplanets.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST - AWB was succesfully  represented by Zoe Chee and Andrew Fazekas.

I always tried to give some support in the chat, concerning topics in Zoe's and Andrew's talk, to offer some interesting links to the audience.

Zoe and Andrew talked about GAM-events and many other AWB-programs and upcoming events during this year.

Of course, registered particpants got their certificate of participation ;-)

Johannes Stübler
National Coordinator, Austria 🇦🇹