ISS in-flight call - sustainability in space travel

By Johannes Stübler posted 06-01-2021 12:25

Today, on June 1, 2021, ESERO Austria, together with the VEGA-Observatory Haus der Natur (Salzburg), offered teachers an extraordinary opportunity! As part of a so-called in-flight call, we have been connected live with the International Space Station ISS. The topic of this in-flight call was sustainability in space travel. Students from Austria could ask questions and talk to the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet via video conference. Together with teachers and students from France and Estonia they discussed sustainability in space travel with Thomas.

In addition to the in-flight call there have been exciting workshops and lectures about space during the day. The event was supported by members of our local astronomy community - Kepler Observatory Linz (Kepler Sternwarte Linz). The whole event was streamed to Youtube.

VEGA Observatory: The biggest Austrian public observatory is equipped with modern presentation and multimedia techniques. The centerpiece is a 1 meter reflector telescope from ASA -Astro Systeme Austria.

Andreas Bauer, Managung Director / AEC, vice chairman of Kepler Observatory Linz

Bettina Anderl, ESERO-Manager and member of Kepler Observatory Linz

Erich Meyer, member of Kepler Observatory Linz

Julia Weratschnig, Haus der Natur

Andreas Buhl, chief executive from RUAG Space Industries, presented some Austrian contributions to space technology.

Many thanks to all teachers and students and to all contributing people and organisations making international events like this possible.

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