Planet Parade-June242022

By Johannes Stübler posted 07-10-2022 06:55

Attached image of Herbert Raab, a member of our local astronomy association "Kepler Sernwarte Linz" (Kepler Observatory Linz) shows the Planete Parade in June. He had much weatherluck. With a heavy stormfront in his back, with big, black clouds and thunderbolts in the west he could catch the "Planet Parade" (with moon in the middle) on the still cloudless East-horizon early in the morning at 3:58 local time. He used a Canon EOS M50, ISO 100, exposure time 3 seconds, 10mm wideangle, f/4.0
You can compare the real-image with the attached preview in Stellarium. As expected Mercury, deep in the enlightened east horizon, was nearly impossible to dedect- only in the RAW-frames you could get a glimpse of a small light spot on the place where Mercury was situated.

Preview in Stellarium

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