The international community congratulates to the opening of Pristina Observatory

By Johannes Stübler posted 08-28-2022 08:34

Last month on 13th July was the official opening of Pristina Observatory in Kosovo.
During the official opening there were some international guests via TV-screen connected to convey their congratulations to the opening event. (for example in the following picture you can see Mike Simmon on the screen - of course I submitted my wishes in a little videomessage too ;-)
You can see a video of the opening event here : Supporting Togetherness (Prishtina Observatory)
CONGRATULATION to the outstanding work of Astronomy Club of Kosovo and Suhel Ahmeti (NC of Kosovo), the moving spirit behind this success. All the best wishes for the future of the observatory and all outreach activities of the Astronomy Club of Kosovo.
Best Regards
Johannes Stübler