Astronomical vanlife in the French Alps

By Michel Deconinck posted 08-19-2021 12:29

I spend one full week on the road to use the dark sky of the french alps.
Visit of the AstroValberg event
You can probably see on the foot of the pannel the spot made to light the sky...
Lot of work here...

Anyway that was a nice event with lot of publicity and the help of different local clubs, the public was there too

Two nice footpaths are proposed to show astronomical planets and other celestial objects or explaining the concept of light pollution in the forest.
 After the visit I was looking for a better place to observe the very bright (naked eye visibility easy) recurrent nova RS Oph, the nova in Cassiopea and the beginig of the perseids show.

As you maybe know, I don't take photo, I only sketch what I observe.
You can have a look at some of my best souvenirs via CloudyNights here :

  • RS Oph
  • The Perseids

Clear skies to you all