By Mirosław Wójcik posted 05-07-2021 16:42

The system Gliese 667
Image details:
The system Gliese 667 (artist’s impression)
Credit: ESO / L. Calçada

Incomparable to anything
we know are
these worlds we
haven't discovered yet

They're making our
all anticipations surprisingly,
though accidentally, accurate
or ridiculously underestimated

All of this
thanks to imperturbable
pioneers coming from
Switzerland or Poland

Unfortunately, their quests
were once, unjustly,
positioned on the
margin of science

Today, nobody dares
to deny exoplanets
really exist; the
list is incomplete…

To be caught
on it, some
essential edge conditions
must be met

Nevertheless, it still
expands as the
Universe does, abounding
in stellar nurseries

I’m sure that
what we’ll find
one day will
be astoundingly incomparable.

Mirosław Wójcik | May 7, 2021 | Nowy Sącz

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05-10-2021 13:37

Thank you for sharing your intriguing poem! I enjoyed reading it and I'm sure others will, too.