By Mirosław Wójcik posted 07-02-2021 13:24

The Tinker Bell triplet

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The Tinker Bell triplet
Credit: ESO


All these unmanned probes
sent to distant worlds.
Overwhelmingly alone, connected only
by an invisible bond

They traverse space which
treats a distance very
conventionally, as it can
be squeezed or stretched

Messengers and pathfinders, curious
of tiny or great
discoveries being made in
the spirit of science

Pioneers 'cause they always
are the first to
set their feet in
places never visited before

All their (un)successful flights
wouldn't be possible without
mankind's perseverance indispensable to
cross Universe's new frontiers.

Mirosław Wójcik | July 2, 2021 | Poland

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07-06-2021 17:01

I thank you for your poem as it had me thinking about all of the exploratory "tools" we have sent up and out into Space. I am always looking forward to new discoveries and definitely appreciate the "spirit of science" which is mentioned in your poem.