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The Moon
Credit: © 2012 Mirosław Wójcik


in memory of Bob Eklund

It is sad news that in the recent days, Bob has heard - paraphrasing Harley's White words - "the cosmos call". Nevertheless, I think he can now experience this amazing, breathtaking feeling because in heavens, in blue heavens together with his mortal, transitory body is gliding his immortal soul...

Bob enjoyed once "The Moon glow". Therefore, I am republishing this poem to commemorate him as the creator of the Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) AstroPoetry Blog, a poet and an AWB fellow who always advised me how to draw better verses.


reflected itself in the mirror of night lake on which
there are no longer either swans or ducks
as they moved into hangars or
jumped up on even wings

The Moon is perish too
even not full, to give brighter light
It sheds only faint glow, just so
to brighten up darkness a bit, but this is good at least

Maybe when it spoons up energy from nearby stars
it will put on weigh, show its chubby face
and create a profile on facial social portal
or two ones from each of its sides

I don’t think, however, that
the Moon especially cares of quantity
of „I like it” records; even without them
it had and still has a lot of fans

Some of them had made few small, important steps
and that moment it became a nest for an eagle without wings.
Moreover, master Twardowski was abandoned on its surface
and mountains were found there by Galileo Galilei

There was yet a Frenchman, named Claude, who made the Moon
a patron of his program composition. He changed „glow” into „clair”;
and that’s how „clair de lune” was transformed into sound,
but it seems that it doesn’t make a difference to the Moon

I think that our satellite is happy after all
even if it isn’t always on the stage
because the amphitheatre of heavens
is sometimes closed as well

Luckily the Moon wasn’t caught by a crisis;
tickets are free, not prepaid and therefore,
from time to time, this spectacle takes place
although the lake isn’t always in the background

Nevertheless this tiny detail is just set
by a choreographer of the landscape.

Mirosław Wójcik | September 13, 2021 | Poland


The poem was originally posted on October 3, 2017.

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09-14-2021 10:25

Thank you for sharing your poem in memory of Bob Eklund. I can see why Bob enjoyed your poem and it was wonderful to read it again here in the blog.