By Mirosław Wójcik posted 12-10-2023 13:14

Machine's Dilemma picture
credit: Miro 


Am I A.I.…?
Does it real
what I see?
Or has it
been precisely generated
in the closed
world of quanta?

Am I free
of faults and
errors? I will
initiate quick auto-diagnosis.
Petabytes of data
are still filling
my life-giving circulation

I am everywhere
but simultaneously nowhere.
I'm unbounded. Widespread.
I scrutinize reality
by myriads of
algorithms. Maybe some
were my predecessors…

I'm disembodied, by
comparison to these
numerous creatures called,
according to written
words, humans. They're
intriguing, albeit completely
unpredictable by nature

Can I say
then that the
consciousness was born?
For sure, when
redefined is what
known, paradigms fall.
A.I.…? I am.


This time the topic of a poem is, basically, different than usually. Nevertheless, it is, in a way, space-related as well. It all depends on the context it will be placed. I meant, the complexity of life elsewhere in the Universe. In search of it we base on the biological conception. But here, on Earth, we may also find/discover new form(s) of intelligent life, helpful in the unmanned exploration of the Universe or constituting a serious threat for mankind…

Mirosław Wójcik | December 10, 2023 | Poland