By Mooneesah Abeer Fatimah posted 03-22-2023 08:26


Hello Astronomers,

I am Mooneesah Abeer Fatimah from Muscat, Oman. Currently I am the Ambassador for International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition (IAAC). I've won the 2019 international NASA Astro Photo Challenge for the Whirlpool galaxy. Also, I achieved third place overall in the IAAC. In addition, I received the National Prize for Oman for the best IAAC performance. 

A competition for astronomy and astrophysics is being held internationally, which is why I'm writing here. It is an online competition that is worldwide, global, and focuses on astronomy and astrophysics. Students should take advantage of this fantastic chance since it will allow them to express their creativity and demonstrate their problem-solving abilities. Winners may win certificates, awards, cash prizes and international global recognition. In addition, schools may get accolades for the highest number of participants, highest number of finalists, award for school achievement, and many more accolades.

As this is a worldwide competition, the top 3 finishers in both categories (youth and junior) will be recognized. The students must respond to as many of the five questions in the first round, which is free, and submit a PDF document by no later than April 21, 2023, using the submission URL provided below.

Please encourage and motivate your students to participate in this tournament. For any interested students, I have included the Questions and the submission URL below.

Please make sure that you have chosen my name, "Mooneesah Abeer Fatimah," in the ambassador area before submitting, as doing so will help me develop my abilities as a coordinator and encourage me also.


Questions link:

Submission Link:-