Telescope Tutorial for Science Teachers

By Reuel Norman Marigza posted 03-18-2021 12:21

Last March 17, science teachers from the Matanao National High School,  Department of Education Division of Davao del Sur in the Philippines conducted a two day In-Service Training Workshop on the use of telescopes, as well as K to 12 learning competencies in astronomy. I was asked as National Coordinator for AWB to be the resource speaker to discuss telescopes and its operational use.

The Department of Education in the Philippines has been distributing reflecting telescope to various schools throughout the country in the past few years. However teachers usually do not have a background or experience in its use. We in the Manila Street Astronomers assisted a school a few years back with the same unit, and they eventually pursued forming an astronomy club.

The objectives of the school for the in-service training were:
1. To provide activities in support to the continuing professional development of teachers specially in teaching astronomy education in the new normal;

2. To provide opportunities for teachers to enhance their competencies and skill in astronomy education especially in operating the newly received telescopes; and

3. To identify astronomy-related competencies across all grade levels and plan for specific strategies related to the topic.



03-24-2021 12:05

Great activity, but did you have the option to test the telescopes at night time? 
Do the telescopes have an equatorial mountain? I can not see from the pictures

03-19-2021 12:59

Nice activity, Norman. But please provide bigger images. I can see nothing. The images seem to be only thumbnails ;-)