Nights of the Shooting Stars 2021 august 12-13-14

By Raoul Lannoy posted 09-01-2021 06:13

This year, the Nights of the Shooting Stars, in Belgium, were kind of an opportunity to see our friends after all those months .

At the Eurospace Center, on the 12th, there were about 1.300 persons (for the day). There had been works, renovations at the place (the greatest european Space camp) and we had to figure out were to park, were to expose and were to show the stars. Several clubs were showing their activities and enlarged astronomy pictures by their members. I went to listen to a conference about Newspace. Then, after supper, I went to the observation site. We could see planets, the Moon, the Milky Way and several Perseids !
At our observation site in Ramillies, (for Astroclub Véga and Astronamur) on the 13th, there were several families looking at the Perseids as well as club members . Again, the Milky Way and the shooting stars (but harvesting machines with spotlights were kind of annoying us.
On the 14th, I joined another club (CAO) on the parking lot of a cemetary at Mellery, and there, I used my EVscope from Unistellar and took great pictures (under the Milky Way and shooting stars). 
The 3 best consecutive nights were the 3 about the Perseids.

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