GAM 2022 - Astronomia na Rua Santos - Brasil

By Roberto Luiz de Godoy Strauss posted 04-16-2022 15:23

Hello Astronomers Without Borders!!

Our Group is called "Astronomia na Rua Santos" which was formed by Amateur Astronomers / Astrophotographers and Lovers of the Universe. We had an event on 04/15/22 in the beautiful city of Santos/SP where we live. Despite the high light pollution in our city, we went to the street with a Telescope, Binoculars and Camera. We bring Observational Astronomy and Astrophotography to the general public and of all ages. We observe the Moon and celestial objects. We won't be happy to register the Solar Eclipse, because here in Brazil it doesn't look like it. But let's follow through on social media. Thanks to AWB for encouraging groups to all (people, clubs and schools) to participate in this beautiful event to promote Astronomy and Astrophotography !! May 2023 come!! . Here in my region the Lunar Eclipse (May) will be partial and we will follow along. # GAM2022

Watch our event video :

Translation from Portuguese to English via Google Translate : sorry if there are any translation errors.