Introducing the Moon in Afresh

By Sonal Thorve posted 10-06-2022 03:27

Everyone shares a personal as well as a cultural connection with the Moon. To emphasize this fact and to make people aware of the role played by the Moon in our lives scientifically, may it be tides, may it be stabilizing the Earth's axial tilt and hence days and seasons, a popular talk in a local language - Hindi, was organised, titled "The Moon - Our Constant Companion" with Science Activity Centre, IISER Pune on September 25. This was a virtual event that has reached more than 5300 people till now.
On the evening of InOMN, October 1, the skies were covered with  Monsoon clouds. Yet, there were a few windows and we didn't miss those. 10 people could get a telescopic view of the Moon that evening. This was done along with posting updates on social media so that others can also join from their own places to celebrate. Many friends across the city shared pictures of the Moon captured by them.
#InOMN #ObserveTheMoon