Venus/Jupiter conjunction from Norway

By Tom Urbain posted 03-01-2023 08:14


I had always wanted to visit Norway, mainly because I really wanted to see the northern lights with my own eyes. Last week, it was finally time for my family and I to set off on our Scandinavian adventure. As soon as we arrived, we knew we had made the right decision. The stunning landscape and fresh air were a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of city life back here in the UK, where I am from.

One evening, my children and I visited a local park filled with exciting activities for them to enjoy. As they played, I took a moment to sit back and take in the natural beauty surrounding Oslo. It was then that I noticed two points of light in the sky as the sunset was slowly sunsetting. I instantly recognised Venus as it is currently in its "evening star" phase, but I was surprised to be able to see another point of light this early in the evening.

I then remembered that conjunction was supposed to happen soon. After a quick Google search, I confirmed that the other point of light was indeed Jupiter. Over the next few days those two planets will get closer and closer to each other from our perspective on Earth. 

I quickly grabbed my camera and took a picture of this cool phenomenon. My children were just as amazed as I was, and we spent the rest of the evening talking about the planets. They are quite young, 5 and 3 years old, but they are so curious about the night sky and it makes me so proud of them. 

Unfortunately, I was not able to catch the northern lights this time, but you know what, I still feel grateful for this sweet moment in the park and the opportunity to share it with my children. Below is the picture I have taken:

Clear skies, and keep looking up!