Short Review of GAM 2021 in Romania

By Valentin Grigore posted 05-23-2021 11:15


Short Review of GAM 2021 in Romania

By Valentin Grigore and Andrei Dorian Gheorghe


Why only a month?


Global Astronomy Month is just  a symbol, an event that must be properly honored as a great achievement.

-Zigmund Tauberg (age 94 - Bucharest, April 2021)  


Although under the restrictions of the 3rd wave of the pandemic in Romania, the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (SARM) organized more activities during Global Astronomy Month 2021:

- A few observational-astrophotographic expeditions in Dambovita, Brasov and Harghita counties.  

- Weekly editions of the “Us and the Sky” TV Show.

- An online talk show for Astro Hub, the initiative of an association from Cluj Napoca.

- The “Spring Stars” Camp in Runcu Stone (the main GAM event in Romania).

- Two neighborhood astronomy events in Bucharest.

SARM also worked on a GAM 2021 diary about which we will inform you during the summertime.

Finally, we present you two astro-haigas on two special photos, taken in April 2021:

- Comet C/2020 R4 (ATLAS), caught in Brasov County.

- The rise of the Full Moon, caught in Bucharest.