Celebrating the Eclipse in South America

By Zoe Chee posted 07-09-2019 00:00


July 9, 2019

EclipsePhotoArgentina 2019 2 The eclipse was a beautiful sight on July 2, 2019. From the reports that we have been receiving, the weather where all the glasses were distributed, the skies stayed clear for all to enjoy the brilliant sun's rays extinguished by the moon's shadow.

Last week was such a flurry of activity! We were so lucky to have attracted the eyes of major publications as CNN, National Geographic, NPR and Space.com and more (please see the list at our press page). The news was even noted in Peruvian papers.

We had local newspapers write about their contributions and with well wishes to those who saw the eclipse. 

Similar feelings were shared on Facebook.

image.png EclipseArgentina 2019 4 EclipseArgentina 2019 3

As soon as the eclipse was over, we were receiving photos from the event. Photos of children, families and schools under a shaded sun streamed in from Argentina wearing glasses that were recycled.

Please visit our Facebook gallery to see more photos from the eclipse.

Reading all the kind comments and well wishes made this unique project worth it!