AWB's Statement on Racial Injustice

By Zoe Chee posted 12-29-2020 15:29


Our Statement on Racial Injustice 

Astronomers Without Borders is dedicated to its core values of promoting diversity, accessibility and inclusion through astronomy to make the world a better place for all. At this extraordinary time of collective focus on social injustice and racial inequality, AWB stands together with our richly diverse global community. Regardless of where it is happening, racism and social injustice against persons of color must end. AWB recommits itself to stand in solidarity with others, and to work tirelessly to help build a more just, equitable and inclusive world. We are one people under one sky, all with our origins in the stars. An act of racism or injustice against one person, is an attack on us all.

Zoe Chee - AWB Interim Executive Director, and
Tim Spuck - Chairman of the AWB Board of Directors