Happy Global Astronomy Month!

By Zoe Chee posted 04-17-2021 10:25

Hi Everybody!

It's so amazing to see everybody celebrating astronomy this month and sharing what you are doing with the AWB community!

Our Beauty without Borders program organized by @Kazuya Ayani (NC, Japan) has just gotten started and already has gained a lot of attention!

Forbes magazine wrote a great article about GAM featuring the program and Global Star Party and some quotes from @Gianluca Masi (NC, Italy). Check it out here:
Beauty without Borders - Encounter of Mars and the Moon photo taken by Akihiko Tomita, Osaka, Japan

Moon and Mars 17 April
by Akihiko Tomita, Osaka, Japan

We want to see what the Moon and Mars looks like where you are! Go out and see Mars meeting the Moon and share your photos with us by filling out our form and submitting your Moon/Mars pic!

Here's a sneak peak: one of our first photos is from Akihiko Tomita, Japan with a Canon PowerShot SX70 HS.

You don't need any special equipment, your smart phone is enough!

I also wanted to let you all know that @Michel Deconinck (NC, France) is receiving One Sky, One Postcard artwork daily! 
Check out all the new entries in his video! Read more about the program and send your postcard-sized space art.

We're only half way through April and there's so much more to come. Follow this instructions to register your local events and share your GAM experiences with us, right here in the Members Reports - our community wants to hear about what you're doing!

During the month of April - show the world that we are: "One People, One Sky!"​​