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  • AWB Livestream Library Goes Live!

    On May 15/16 the moon will undergo a dramatic total lunar eclipse and AWB is excited to offer a comprehensive library of major livestreams from around the world showcasing the moon blushing red in this beautiful total eclipse.

    So whether you are on the wrong side of the Earth or just clouded out, we invite you to browse through our collection of eclipse livefeeds from many locales around the world.
  • Partial Solar Eclipse from South America

    Join GAM2022 finale broadcasts from various locations across Argentina and Chile showcasing the April 30th partial solar eclipse via LIVE webcasts via our AWB National Coordinator for Argentina and partners at

    Visit our Program Page
  • Live Tour of the Night Sky from Rome Italy

    Join our GAM2022 partners at Virtual Telescope for an amazing live tour of the night sky with telescopes hosted by our AWB National Coordinator for Italy @Gianluca Masi ​​

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