Facebook Live: Astronomical Heritage and the Public

When:  Apr 30, 2021 from 14:30 to 15:00 (UTC)
Watch our Global Astronomy Month finale presentation with Clive Ruggles (www.cliveruggles.com) Emeritus Professor of Archaeoastronomy at the University of Leicester in the UK, and Director of the UNESCO–IAU “Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy” project (www.astronomicalheritage.net).

Dr. Ruggles will speak about the Portal and how it has been a vital element in UNESCO and the IAU’s joint “Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative”, which has resulted in new astronomical heritage sites recently being included on the World Heritage List, such as Jodrell Bank Observatory in the UK and Risco Caído in Spain’s Canary Islands. Two years ago, as part of the IAU’s "IAU 100” celebrations, the Portal project launched a new programme allowing members of the public to suggest their own 
"Places connected to the Sky”  for inclusion on the portal, and it is this that Clive will be talking about today.  

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AWB and IAU are now teaming up to find astronomy heritage sites around the world and we are asking for your help. Learn how you can propose an astronomically relevant site near you to be potentially added to the official IAU-UNESCO portal.

Check out our Places Connected to the Sky project page.

avatar.jpgClive is Emeritus Professor of Archaeoastronomy in the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Leicester, UK. He has worked in many parts of the world and published numerous books, papers and articles including the 3-volume Handbook of Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy (2014), for which he was editor-in-chief. He has ongoing fieldwork and analysis projects in Hawai‘i, Peru and Europe and is a leading figure in the joint initiative by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and the International Astronomical Union working to recognise, protect, and promote the world's most important astronomical heritage sites. He was awarded the Royal Astronomical Society’s new Agnes Clerke Medal in 2017 for a “lifetime of distinguished work in the overlapping areas of archaeology, astronomy and the history of science”.