timeanddate.com Solar Eclipse Live Blog

When:  Apr 30, 2022 from 18:00 to 23:00 (UTC)

timeanddate will be running a live blog during the solar eclipse on April 30: https://www.timeanddate.com/live/eclipse-solar-2022-april-30

As well as providing live updates about the eclipse, the live blog will celebrate Global Astronomy Month.

We would like to use exciting photos from the AWB community. These can be photos taken:

  • During the month, from mid-March to April 29
  • During the eclipse, on April 30

The following kinds of photos would work well:

  • ‘Action’ photos — people doing things, for example, setting up a solar telescope, handing out eclipse glasses, etc
  • ‘Astro’ photos, especially the main Global Astronomy Month observing events — the Venus-Mars-Saturn grouping, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, and the eclipse

Photos should be high resolution (as high as possible), and emailed to live@timeanddate.com


The email should include:

  • A photo credit (the name of the photographer)
  • Confirmation that the photographer has given their permission for the image to be used on the live blog — for example, “Photo taken by Ana González, she has given permission for this photo to be used on the live blog”
  • One or two sentences to briefly explain the photo, including who, when & where — for example, “Juan Fernández, from the Santiago Astronomy Club, hands out solar eclipse glasses in the center of Santiago on April 27, 2022”
  • A quotation, if possible — for example, “Juan said: ‘At the moment, the weather forecast for the eclipse is not great. But we are hoping for the best!’”

It’s OK if the email is in Spanish.

The email should be sent as soon as possible. This is especially true for photos taken during the solar eclipse on April 30: photos should be emailed immediately — it’s a live blog :-)

NOTE:  If you are planning to stream the eclipse on YouTube, and would like to share the footage with us, please contact us at the same email address as above.