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Global Astronomy Month 2021 Trailer


  • Global Star Party Rescheduled for April 24

    Due to cloudy weather at Virtual Telescope Project's Rome, Italy observatory site on April 17, our Global Star Party will now be held on Saturday, April 24 at 1900 UTC.

    Join our host, astrophysicist Gianluca Masi for a tour of the night sky and it's deep sky wonders through a large telescope.
  • Translations of GAM2021 Video Trailer Available

    We invite our worldwide community to share our  official Global Astronomy Month video trailers now translated into multiple languages. You are welcome to also embed the videos too onto websites so we can share the excitement of the world's largest astronomy festival.  The AWB staff would like to thank National Coordinator for Romania, @Valentin Grigore for volunteering once again to create and produce this year's trailer and all of the translated versions. Also big thanks to our many members for sending in all the translations.​
  • One Sky, One Postcard AstroArts Campaign Begins!

    Postcard Campaign LogoJoin our newest global project One Sky, One Postcard.  Are you an artist, poet, designer, astronomy enthusiast at heart ? Here's your chance to share your artwork, poetry or images of the night and day sky with the world,  through the creation of a unique, collective scrapbook of stellar art!        

    Please share this fun AstroArts Campaign with your social network. Let's get people in countries around the world to join us.

    Click here for details on how you can 

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    Again during Global Astronomy Month Marcelo de Oliveria Souza, National Coordinator of AWB in Brazil, invited to the 13th ...

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    the lyrid meteor shower was a success, a team of 20 people went to one of the night observation sites to together observe ...

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    Hi Everybody! It's so amazing to see everybody celebrating astronomy this month and sharing what you are doing with the ...

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    Happy Global Astronomy Month! Here is the summary for the GAM participation in the Philippines for the first two weeks. The ...

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    Mediated by Paulo Cesar, founder of the curious world channel, partners of the Gunstar Team, Asteroid Day opened the doors ...

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