• AWB Livestream Library Goes Live!

    On May 15/16 the moon will undergo a dramatic total lunar eclipse and AWB is excited to offer a comprehensive library of major livestreams from around the world showcasing the moon blushing red in this beautiful total eclipse.

    So whether you are on the wrong side of the Earth or just clouded out, we invite you to browse through our collection of eclipse livefeeds from many locales around the world.
  • Partial Solar Eclipse from South America

    Join GAM2022 finale broadcasts from various locations across Argentina and Chile showcasing the April 30th partial solar eclipse via LIVE webcasts via our AWB National Coordinator for Argentina and partners at

    Visit our Program Page
  • Live Tour of the Night Sky from Rome Italy

    Join our GAM2022 partners at Virtual Telescope for an amazing live tour of the night sky with telescopes hosted by our AWB National Coordinator for Italy @Gianluca Masi ​​
  • Livestream: Great Planet Moon Alignment Preview

    Join us for a fun #GAM2022 livestream preview of the #BeautyWithoutBorders close encounter of Venus and Jupiter with the Moon happening at dawn on Wednesday, April 27. Your AWB host is AWB Comms Manager Andrew Fazekas with special guest SpaceX astronaut, STEM educator and AWB board member Sian Proctor.

    Join the Livestream at:
    Date: Monday, April 25, 2022
    Time: 1300 UTC / 9 am EDT / 6 am PDT
    To participate in our Beauty Without Borders campaign visit our program page.
  • Join our Beauty Without Borders Campaign

    From April 24 to April 27 a beautiful line up of the brightest four planets and our Moon will grace morning skies.  Join our Beauty Without Borders photo campaign and snap your own pic of the April 27 triangle formation of the crescent moon with bright Venus and Jupiter and submit it to our photo library.   For more information visit our Beauty Without Borders page.
  • GAM Watch: Afterglow Access - Making Astronomy More Accessible to All

    Watch the April 19 2022 recording of our special Facebook Live guest speaker Timothy Spuck as he introduces to a new digital tool that creates sounds out of images of astronomical objects for the visually impaired.   For more Global Astronomy Month events check out our
  • Celebrate our Home Star and Share

    Today, April 17, is when we celebrate our Sun and its importance to humankind and our home world.  We'd love to see your celebration of our home star, and so we look forward to sharing your member reports.
  • Upcoming GAM2022 Facebook Live from Hong Kong

    Join us for our next Facebook Live all about exploring diversity in astronomy education with our guest speaker Exodus CL Sit, AWB National Coordinator for Hong Kong. Tune in on our AWB Facebook page on April 8 @ 0200 UTC or April 7 @ 2200 EDT ​/ 1900 PDT
  • GAM2022 Watch: Mindful Stargazing Presentation

    Watch the April 3 2022 recording of our special Facebook Live guest speaker Mark Westmoquette as he guides us through the world of 'Mindful Stargazing'.   For more Global Astronomy Month events check out our calendar.
  • AWB Statement About Ukraine Crisis

    Astronomers Without Borders stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, who are a valued member of the world astronomical network. The international community must work together to take all the appropriate actions to put an end to the conflict and guarantee the safety of Ukrainians in, and outside of Ukraine.

    We have reached out to members of our community from Ukraine and continue to make available our support. As the situation in Ukraine continues to worsen, we add our voices to those throughout the international astronomical community, including many Russians who oppose this war, in hoping for a return to peace as quickly as possible.

    Zoe Chee - AWB Interim Executive Director, and
    Tim Spuck - Chairman of the AWB Board of Directors
  • Global Astronomy Month Start Only Days Away!

  • Global Astronomy Month 2022 Coming in April

    Get ready for the world's largest celebration of astronomy and the night sky starting April 1st. Throughout the month there will be online,  local events, and specialty programming that will be available to everyone around the globe. From livestreams and star parties, to photo and observing campaigns, come join us as we celebrate One People, One Sky.  

    Check out our growing calendar of GAM2022 programs. Also if you are holding any astronomy events during April, don't forget to register them so they are added to our calendar listing and promotional schedule.
  • Support AWB's Mission into the Future

    To ensure AWB's goodwill work continues into the future, we are establishing our
    One People, One Sky Endowment Fund, and we are looking for you to join us. Our goal is to raise $40,000 to seed the fund by the New Year.  Any donations up to $20,000 will be matched dollar for dollar! 

  • Snap and Share the Moon Meet Planets at Sunset

    Starting on Monday, December 6th just after sunset the crescent Moon will be paying a visit to three of the brightest planets visible in Earth's skies. Each eye-catching cosmic pairing will be a wonderful opportunity to share the wonders of the night sky with friends, family and the public. Also it will be a great time to take a photograph using your smartphone! Share your snapshot of this celestial event with AWB by using the social hashtag #onepeopleonesky 
  • Lunar Eclipse Livestream Library Goes Live

    On November 19 the moon will undergo a deep partial lunar eclipse and AWB is excited to offer a comprehensive library of major livestreams from around the world showcasing the moon blushing red in this longest partial eclipse in five centuries!

    So whether you are on the wrong side of the Earth or just clouded out, we invite you to browse through our collection of eclipse livefeeds from Australia, Japan, Hawaii, USA and Canada amongst other locales.
  • Women With Impact in Celebration of InOMN!

    We are celebrating the moon along with the rest of the world today on International Observe the Moon Night.

    In honour of women and the moon, we have republished Bettina Forget's blog post of her Women of Impact series. This stunning visual is a collection of sketches of moon craters named for women. Peruse her artwork, get inspired and go out and look for the craters yourself tonight. If you're clouded out, enjoy this special tour of these craters with Bettina and Virtual Telescope's Gianluca Masi and learn more about these amazing women.
  • Snap and Share Venus Pairing with the Moon at Sunset

    On Saturday, October 9th just after sunset the planet Venus will be in conjunction with the crescent moon. The cosmic pair will be a wonderful opportunity to share the wonders of the night sky with friends, family and the public. Also it will be a great time to take a photograph using your smartphone! Share your snapshot of this celestial event with AWB by using the social hashtag #onepeopleonesky 
  • World Space Week Kicks Off

    World Space Week (WSW) kicks off October 4 with thousands of events globally, inspiring the next generation and celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of women to the

    AWB is proud to be an official partner with WSW and support raising awareness about space, its role in bringing humanity together,  and the integral part that women play in this exciting and growing field. We would love to hear how you plan on taking part in the celebrations.
  • Join us in Celebrating International Observe the Moon Night Oct.16

    International Observe the Moon Night is an event that encourages people to "look up" and enjoy our nearest neighbor. This year's InOMN is Saturday, October 16th. 

    People across the globe every year gather on this evening to get a closer look at our moon, offering up their curiosity and fascination.  The night of October 16 is when the Moon is in its ‘waxing gibbous’ phase – an great time to take a tour of its countless craters, mountains and plains.  And you don’t have to be an astronomer with a big telescope to see them.  Using even just a pair of binoculars can magnify the Moon with amazing clarity.

    Our nighttime sky’s brightest beacon has inspired and influenced people throughout the ages, and people across the globe share it every evening overhead.  Save the date and let it inspire you, your friends and family and public at the viewing parties you may be hosting. 

    For more information visit our official InOMN program page: 

  • AWB Statement about Afghanistan Crisis

    Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) is deeply concerned by the situation in
    Afghanistan. This concern is first and foremost for the people of
    Afghanistan, particularly those groups that are most vulnerable, including
    women and children. The current crisis has generated a great deal of
    uncertainty and worry for many in our extended AWB community.

    We join the global call for safeguarding and respecting human rights of all

    those in Afghanistan and around the world. As a leading voice of
    astronomy enthusiasts, educators and scientists in the global astronomical
    community, AWB puts particular emphasis on the right to education and
    access to information, freedom of opinion and expression that is inclusive
    and without discrimination due to gender, ethnicity, religion or political

    For anyone experiencing distress, or being impacted by current events in
    Afghanistan, AWB suggests you reach out to the following organizations
    who have ongoing operations in Afghanistan and the region:

    U.S. State Department - Special Immigrant Visas - 

    UNICEF via online email form at 

    International Rescue Committee

    Women for Afghan Women
  • Have You Taken the Amateur Astronomy Survey ?

    AWB's long-standing partner organization, The Night Sky Network is asking our global AWB community for help in completing a short survey about the state of amateur astronomy in 2021.   NSN has been supporting astronomy clubs since 2004 with resources, club management tools, and monthly webinars with NASA scientists. NASA values amateur astronomer’s incredible dedication to public engagement in their communities and wants to understand how to better serve astronomy clubs’ needs. 
    Take a few minutes to let NSN know how you enjoy the hobby and what you'd like to see from the Night Sky Network!

    Survey closes Sept 15.

    Please share widely:
  • Our OneSky Telescopes Are Back in Stock

    We are pleased to announce that we have our legendary OneSky telescope available for order and shipment within the USA. This table-top 5 inch dobsonian is the perfect family friendly scope to explore the night sky, and is ranked as one of the best inexpensive telescopes on the market.  
    And what makes it even better, with every purchase, proceeds directly help support non-profit AWB and all the good work we do around the globe. Also a big thanks to Celestron's generous support in helping make this happen.

    Grab yours today before the holiday season rush.
  • Remembering Bob Eklund

    It is with great sadness to announce the passing of Bob Eklund, founder of AWB's astro poetry blog. Bob has been a big part of Astronomers Without Borders and was one of our first volunteers. His love for poetry and astronomy was the genesis of the astro poetry living archive that you read and contribute to today.

    He will be missed by the AWB family but his spirit will live on in the words inspired by the stars.
  • Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks August 11 - 13

    Check out our Perseid Page and fill out our meteor counting polls for each peak night. 
    Also get great observing tips and resources from our partners at Celestron and 
  • AWB Donates STEMed Books to LA Schools

    Thanks to the help of the Assistance League of Los Angeles, AWB has been able to supply Operation School Bell (OSB) with nearly 300 copies of astrophysicist and astronomy writer Jeffrey Bennett's Spanish language 'Max Science Adventures' series of STEMed books for children.  For 52 years, OSB provides more than 6,700 underserved elementary-aged school children in LA Unified School District (LAUSD) with much-needed supplies, enhancing their self-esteem and chance to succeed.  

    Ms. Alonda Bass, the Textbook Specialist at the Compton Unified School District, is distributing 250 of the books to their Dual-Language program.  
    We at AWB are so proud to work hand in hand with such amazing organizations to help bring science awareness through literacy one youngster at a time. 

  • Solstice Photo Campaign Begins !

    We want to see your sunrise/sunset photos!

    Join us in celebrating the June Solstice by getting 
    outside and taking a photo of either your sunrise or sunset and share it with us and the world. You can use your smartphone or camera, and we have set up three easy ways you can share your photos which will be posted to our AWB Instagram gallery

    This free global campaign is open to the public and runs from June 16th through June 23rd, and with enough submissions from around the world, we will create a beautiful photomosaic using your photos. We hope to make a free downloadable version available,  as well as a few store items that will help us raise funds to support AWB's work around the world.

     Go visit our Solstice Photo Campaign page for all the details

    We can't wait to see your photos!
  • Ring of Fire Eclipse Facebook Live

    Join AWB and its partners Chimu Adventures and for a livestream of the June 10, 2021 annular solar eclipse. AWB will be featuring live feeds of the eclipse as it appears in various locations across the world.
    We'll also have a sneak peek at the an adventure voyage to Antarctica to see the the next total solar eclipse in December 2021.
  • AWB Donates STEMed Books to Children in LatinX Communities

    AWB is proud to announce the donation of 670 copies of the Spanish version of the Max Science Adventure series of books on space exploration that will go into the hands of  children living in underserved #LatinX communities in Los Angeles, California! It is estimated that in these communities only 1 in 300 children owns a book.

    A big thank you to author & long-time AWB supporter Jeff Bennett for donating his books, and to LA based astronomy outreach specialist Giovanni Somoza for helping make this happen!
  • Watch May 26 Lunar Eclipse Live

    A beautiful lunar eclipse will grace our skies on May 26th!  AWB has created a hub of livestreams from across the Pacific and Asian locations that will have a front-row seat of this lunar disappearing act. 

    Check out our livestream page: