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Staff Zoe Chee Interim Executive Director Lindsay Bartolone Education Director Andrew Fazekas Communications Manager Andee Sherwood Membership Administrator Frances Azaren Office Administrator Board of Directors Timothy Spuck Chairman of the Board Mark Jackson Treasurer Yasmin Catricheo Secretary Moiya McTier Board Member Kevin Govender Board Member Board of Advisors Tim DeBenedictis Southern Stars Roy McCord Irvine Valley College ret

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AWB's Statement on Racial Injustice

Zoe Chee - AWB Interim Executive Director, and Tim Spuck - Chairman of the AWB Board of Directors

Our Galaxy App - FREE!

Great news everybody - our friend Bill Tschumy at Otherwise has just released a new version of OurGalaxy app free! Pick up your copy here: / Guide yourself through the Milky Way, learn how celestial bodies in our galaxy relate to each other in this 3...

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Places Connected to the Sky

In collaboration with Perserving Astronomical Heritage Astronomical heritage is evidence relating to the practice of astronomy and to social uses and representations of astronomy. It exists in the form of the tangible remains of monuments, sites and landscapes with a link to the skies that...

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Astronomy is found in every culture worldwide and throughout history, including in the art we create. Our traditions and our daily lives are all touched by the presence of the stars. Artists and scientists may see the skies in different ways initially, but we’re all just seeing the skies from...

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Observing Resources

Click on any of these topics to find related resources below. Star Parties Planet Observing Astronomy Educational Resources Lunar Observing Solar Observing Lunar and Solar Educational Resources Lunar and Solar Eclipse Educational Resources Asteroids...

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One Sky, One Postcard

Calling all artists, poets, and photographers! AWB invites you to participate in a new project created by our National Coordinator in France, Michel Deconick and his wife Jannik Roosens. The One Sky, One Postcard project is a global collaboration during the pandemic, bringing together all...