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Cosmic Cascade

Cosmic Cascade ‘To see, hung o’er the torrent’s wall, three thousand feet, that waterfall, vault sheer, from heavens high, you’d say the Milky Way’ in bright array ‘was tumbling down, cascading star on star’, thus glimpsing from afar the mountain Incense-Burner Peak ...

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Image details: In Tarantula territory (a) Credit: ESO FAR AND BEYOND A lways when you look up there you set out far and beyond everything known earlier becoming simultaneously a curious space-time traveller You...

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Celestial Silver Lining

Celestial Silver Lining Quoth Milton, ‘Was I deceived, or did a sable cloud upon the night turn forth her silver lining amid a tufted grove in gleam of light?’ That paraphrase of lining shining which crept into the proverb coined, ‘Every cloud has a silver lining,’ was...

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Celestial Diamond Necklace

Celestial Diamond Necklace A huge diamond necklace in jewel store adorns the heavens’ bespangled attire; yet lest I’m thought reckless with metaphor, if into this epithet we inquire ‘twas scientists who bestowed upon it that moniker to extol its allure, for such a title...

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Sculptor in Space

Sculptor in Space Could there be a sculptor in outer space deserving of standing ovations, or grand ethereal artist’s embrace that’s fashioning cosmic sensations unique as each snowflake or star that shines a myriad marvels manifold, reality’s utterness in designs ...

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Image details: The system Gliese 667 (artist’s impression) Credit: ESO / L. Calçada I ncomparable to anything we know are these worlds we haven't discovered yet They're making our all anticipations surprisingly, though...

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Empyreal Elephant

Empyreal Elephant High up in Cepheus dwells what is known colloquially as Elephant Trunk, itself not the whole, but simply a hunk that’s part of a vaster nebula’s zone. The gas and dust globule threads into frame of characteristic elephant head along with proboscis in...

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Redemption Endless stargazing A break from the pandemic Sacred redemption!! . . . . . . . . . Haiku by Andee Sherwood May 4, 2021 Image Description: M31 Halo Illustration over Rocky Terrain - At a distance of 2.5 million light-years, the majestic spiral Andromeda galaxy it...

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Human Chains for GAM 2021 in Romania

Human Chains for GAM 2021 in Romania By Valentin Grigore and Andrei Dorian Gheorghe Respecting the safety rules, the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (SARM) organized two human chains to honor Global Astronomy Month 2021: - one in Runcu Stone (initiated by Valentin Grigore) during...

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April Nature

April Nature By Valentin Grigore and Andrei Dorian Gheorghe Simply said, Global Astronomy Month 2021 accompanied by the shortest Romanian poetic form (tipuritura, or strigatura, or tipuri-strigatura). #poetry