Celestial Reflection

By Abhishek sah posted 10-14-2023 07:35


Beneath the cosmic expanse, they stood in awe,

Witnessing the universe's beauty with no flaw.

In unity, they gazed upon Earth's gentle grace,

A world without borders, a boundless embrace.

Their consciousness awakened by nature's profound art,

A call to safeguard it, to keep it close to heart.

With transformed perspectives, conflicts fell apart,

A melody of cooperation, a harmonious start.

Spiritual revelations, a renewed life's quest,

Connected to all, in the cosmos, they felt blessed.

Motivation sparked, to explore and do their best,

Preserve our precious planet, let love manifest.

The cosmic revelation, a gem yet to be found,

In astronauts' hearts, its brilliance does abound.

To protect Earth's treasures, we're duty-bound,

Together we'll journey, our path unbound.